A degree in a technical field is often required for this high-paying remote job. Whether you’re an entry-level worker with basic computer skills or an experienced professional with advanced technical certifications, there are remote jobs that fit your background and goals. Many of these positions offer more flexibility than on-site roles and pay that matches traditional jobs.

And SEO managers do quite well, earning an average of $60,000 to $85,000 annually. But you may also see jobs that pay less than what you’re currently making.

Average Salary – $37,000 per year

So if you’re looking for part-time work, full-time work, or a side hustlein your search for how to make extra cash, there’s a remote work website for you. As the go-to resource when your tech company’s clients have questions, you’re set up for financial success as a Customer Success Support Engineer. You’ll be able to answer your client calls from wherever you want to work, though your schedule won’t be quite as flexible as those with other types of remote jobs. If you have years of experience in connectivity, firewalls, and customer support, this is a career that you’ll want to look into.

  • This trend toward flexible work is telling, but it’s not the end-all be-all for job seekers.
  • Just make sure that you obtain the correct licenses and permits.
  • Data entry workers might be freelance, or they might work for temporary employment agencies.
  • Bring joy to people’s lives and earn money doing it as you book and alter travel arrangements and help with any problems along their way.
  • Applicants should also emphasize important remote working skills, such as communication, task management, time management, independent working skills and comfort with technology.

Staying at home and practicing social distancing to help halt the spread of the dangerous disease, means plenty of people are looking for jobs they can perform remotely. To find remote jobs and opportunities that can pay well, Stacker scoured job directories and databases like Payscale, Glassdoor, and the U.S. Social Media Manager is a role that has gained a lot of momentum in the age of social networking and online marketing.

Average Salary – $35,250 per year

Whitney is the founder of Tried and True Mom Jobs, a blog about legitimate ways to make money from home. If you want to find even MORE work from home opportunities to make money, check out my article on 30 legitimate ways to make money from home. I did a full review of UpVoice, and it’s literally one of the easiest ways to make money online.

remote careers that pay well

Influencers provide their views and knowledge to shape and sway the purchasing decisions of their followers. They post regularly on social media and cultivate a dedicated audience. While the biggest influencers might be big celebrities, non-celebrity influencers can build expertise, attract a following, and make money from product mentions and sponsored web content. Graphic designers highest paid remote jobs create a wide range of visual products like product logos, billboards, packaging, and advertising layouts. Job requirements include familiarity with color theory, web design, and computerized design software as well as creativity and a sense of style. Accountants are experts in financial records who handle bookkeeping, tax preparation, invoices, billing, and payroll responsibilities.

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